Piazza Mazzini
It is the city centre of Lido di Jesolo.
In this place, you will find many bars and restaurants for the whole family and a wide variety of atmosphere. It is an ideal place for small celebrations and events of the town hall.

Militare Vidotto Museum
In the Museo Militare de Vidotto is a thematic museum with a variety of military history of Italy.
In this building, you can find all kinds of clothing, weapons and tanks used through the centuries.

Tropicarium Park
Tropicarium Park is a marine park where you will find a wide variety of aquatic animals. The building is divided into three sections: the tropics, the aquarium and predators.
In this place you can enjoy seeing jellyfish, turtles, sharks, penguins, crocodiles and much more.

Laguna Shopping
It is a shopping centre where you can find all kinds of clothing and catering establishments.

Fabbrica della scienza
The Fabbrica della scienza is an exhibition where you can find and perform different experiments for the little ones.
In addition, you can also find different rooms dedicated to the history of humanity, since the creation of the universe to the present day.
It also has a digital room to experience virtual reality.

Bau Bau Beach
Bau Bau Beach is a beach to take your pets to cool off in the sea.
They have a private and dedicated space for animals where they have agility tests, water spaces, showers for dogs and shaded areas to protect them from the sun.


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