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Management and operating procedure of Cookies.
What is a cookie and what is its use?
A cookie is a small text string, typically saved in a file, that a website sends to a browser and saves on your
computer when you visit internet websites.
The cookies are used to make websites function more efficiently, to improve the performance, but also to
provide information to the owners of the website. The cookies used in the Site are both persistent (that is
they remain in the memory of the hard disc of the personal computer of the user/visitor, until their expiry)
and sessional (that is they are not memorised persistently in the computer of the user/visitor and disappear
upon closing the browser).
What type of cookies does this website use and for which purpose?
Our website uses different types of cookies each of which serve a specific purpose. The types we use are
specified as follows:
TYPE: Web surfing cookies
OPERATING PROCEDURE: These cookies allow the website to operate correctly and are used to collect
information on how the visitors use the site. This information is used for compiling reports and to help us
improve our site. The cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of visitors to the site,
the source of the visitors and the pages they have visited.
TYPE: Analytical cookies
OPERATING PROCEDURE: These cookies are used for example by Google Analytics to elaborate statistical
analysis on how the users surf the website on their computer or by mobile applications, on the number of
pages visited or the number of clicks made on a page during the surfing of a website. To have a complete
insight on the privacy regulations of Google you can visit the following link:
TYPE: Cookies of third parties
OPERATING PROCEDURE: These cookies are used by third party companies. The use of these cookies does
not normally implicate the processing of personal data. The cookies of third parties arrive from
announcements of other websites, for example advertisements shown on the website you are viewing.
They can be used to register the use of the website for marketing purposes, to collect information on the
use of the website, and on keywords used to reach the site. The cookies collect information anonymously.
These types of cookies are sent by the Website itself or by third party domains. To remove some of the
third party cookies it is possible to use the following tool: which currently
works only for cookies with a publicity profile (maybe in the future it will also be extended to the Analytics)
and removes only the cookies of contributors to For this reason, such tool
is not a solution for the means of removing all third party cookies.
 TYPE: Persistent Cookies
OPERATING PROCEDURE: These persistent cookies are used only for the purpose of facilitating the surfing
within the Site and its correct use, to facilitate access to services which require authentication (avoiding
that users must re-insert their credentials each time they access the services), as well as for statistical
purposes, to know which areas of the Site have been visited. The session cookies are used for the sole
purpose of transmitting the session identifications necessary to consent to a safe and efficient exploration
of the Site.
 TYPE: Session Cookies
OPERATING PROCEDURE: The session cookies used on the Site avoid resorting to other processing
techniques which could jeopardise the privacy of the users’/visitors’ Web surfing and are also used to
improve the distribution of the services.
TYPE: Cookies for the integration of third party procedures
These types of cookies are used to integrate the functionality of third parties on the site (for example,
forms for comments or icons of social networks which allow the visitors to share the content of the site).
The cookies in this category can be sent from domains of partner websites or that offer however the
functions present on the site. The controller is not required to ask the user’s consent for the technical
cookies, since these are strictly necessary for providing the service.
For the other types of cookie, consent can be given by the User in accordance with the current regulations,
by means of specific configurations of the browser and computer programs or devices and which are of a
clear and easy usability for the User. The Controller reminds the User that it is possible to modify the
preferences relative to the cookies at any time. It is also possible to disable the cookies from the browser at
any time, but this operation could prevent the User from using certain parts of the Site.
Third-party Websites
The site could contain some connections to other Websites which have their own privacy policy. These
privacy policies can be different from that adopted by the Controller, who therefore is not liable for the
third party Sites.
In compliance with art. 122 second paragraph of Legislative Decree N° 196/2003, the consent to the use of
such cookies is expressed by the individual settings the interested party has freely chosen for the browser
used while surfing the site, subject to the possibility of the user communicating to the Data controller at
any time, his explicit permission regarding the data managed by the cookies which the browser itself has
How can I disable the cookies?
The majority of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) are set up to accept cookies. However,
most of them allow you to control and also disable the cookies by means of the settings available in them.
We remind you however that disabling the web-surfing or functional cookies could cause the
malfunctioning of the site and/or limit the service offered.
To modify the settings, follow the process indicated by the various browsers which you can usually find
under the items “Options” or “Preferences”.
To find out more about cookies, the regulations are available in the following links:
Link of the Data Protection Authority: